universal printing system for DOS programs

version 2.1.5


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V2.1.5 (5 Jun 2012)

- fixed problems with openinig PDF/RTF files on Win64 systems

V2.1.3 (28 Apr 2008)

- after PDF or RTF export Prtwin replaces '%FILENAME%' substring with
the original input file name (ex.: test.prn -> test.pdf/test.rtf)

V2.1.2 (18 Jan 2008)

- fixed bug in the translation of box characters
- all fonts (except Courier New) are now embedded in the exported PDF files

V2.1.1 (3 Dec 2007)

- support for Windows Vista operating system

V2.1.0 (23 Nov 2007)

- export to PDF
- autorestart after setup change

V2.0.8 (15 Jul 2006)

- fixed memory leak in file search function

V2.0.7 (05 dec 2005)

- landscape/portrait mode for each of 9 printers
- startup delay; PRTWIN should not be started before all printer drives are loaded; this can occurs beacause of antivirus programmes; default startup delay is now 15 sec
- some small improvements in RTF procedures
- duplex mode

V2.0.6 (22 jul 2005)

- some small improvements

V2.0.5 (02 apr 2005)

- error at quick sequential printing fixed
- some small improvements

V2.0.4 (26 jan 2004)

- added support for Turkish language

V2.0.3 (16 dec 2004)

- preview improvements

V2.0.2 (06 dec 2004)

- added RAW mode printing
- some small bugs fixed

V2.0.1 (07 apr 2004)

- added support for Spanish and German language

V2.0.0 (16 jan 2004)

- added possibility to define output directory for RTF output
- changed RTF output (text in frames)
- added possibility to draw pictures in BMP or WMF format in RTF output
- added multilanguage support

V1.9.10 (29 aug 2003)

- added possibility to print test pages
- added support for ESC 3 and ESC J control codes
- added possibility to set the number of copies you want to print (default: 1 copy)

V1.9.9 (25 jun 2003)

- fixed bug if (FF+CR or LF+CR) sequences are on the last page of report

V1.9.8 (27 mar 2003)

- added Lines Left parameter (newpage)
- fixed bug in passing call parameters

V1.9.7 (05 mar 2003)

- incorrect FF translation after non-printable character
- fixed bug if printed file is zero-length

V1.9.6 (30 jan 2003)

- fixed translation of LF
- EURO character printing
- fixed bug in RTF output if output file is locked
- added possibilty to call Prtwin with parameters; currently following parameters are allowed:
/STOP (terminate Prtwin)
/ACTIVE (make Prtwin active)
/NOACTIVE (make Prtwin no-active)

V1.9.5 (2 dec 2002)

- added support for 15 CPI (Esc "g") (27)(103)D
- auto new page possibility if the document does not contain any end of page mark
- problem with adding blank character in the first line / first page - fixed
- PRTWIN does not show the new installed printers on the current system - fixed

V1.9.4 (10 aug 2002)

- selecting root drive directory is now forbidden
- selecting network drive for working directory is now forbidden
- added possibility to disable translation of box-drawing characters
- added possibility to set some of common printers setting in Prtwin additional setup; additional setup for each of nine printers will override these settings

V1.9.3 (17 jul 2002)

- added possibility to force bold printing while in condensed mode (font size < 8) in additional printer setup

V1.9.2 (29 may 2002)

- added possibility to change default working directory in the setup
- problem with landscape format fixed

V1.9.0 - (28 dec 2001)

- problems with printing to HP Laserjet 1000 and Minolta QMS Magicolor fixed
- added possibility to disable translating of box-drawing characters

V1.7.0 - 1.8.0 (23 nov 2001)

- possibility to set printer control codes (PRTWIN.ESC) for each of 9 printers
- Microsoft Windows Terminal Service support
- problem with CR fixed

V1.6.0 (18 may 2001)

- if there is no printer associated with print directory, PRTWIN redirects output to Windows default printer
- added status screen display if report preview is selected

v1.5.0 (07 may 2001):

- added possibility to define unsupported escape codes
- problem with line height in RTF fixed
- problem with IBM Line Characters fixed




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