universal printing system for DOS programs

version 2.1.5


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With PRTWIN your DOS programs will be able to print to any Windows printer installed on computer or to RTF file on disk. The program has ability to preview the printout and select pages to print out of the preview. All what your software needs to be able to do is to print a report designed for Epson control codes to an ASCII text file.

How does PRTWIN work ?

PRTWIN runs in the background on a local workstation. After first start program creates nine working directories. Each of directories is dedicated as a file container for one of nine possible windows printers. These directories must be accessible for all DOS programs. The local program sends the file to print to one of these directories. PRTWIN reads this file, sends it to the corresponding printer and deletes it.

If the printout includes basic Epson printer control codes, program translates those into the commands for other printer drivers.


After installation program creates working directory with nine subdirectories. The default root working directory is located in C:\PrtWrk folder. You can change this directory in the Setup. Before use you have to associate each of subdirectories with one of existing printers. Rightclick on the icon on Traybar and select Setup. In the ComboBox select the right printer for each of the subfolders. Each of the printers has his own additional setup parameters. You can change top an left margin, translation mode, print destionation (printer, RTF file) and enable ability to preview your printouts.

How to register PRTWIN

The unregistered version writes small copyright notice on bottom of each page. If print destination is RTF file, then program prints the first page only.

Registered version of PRTWIN costs $24 USD. You need one license for each workstation.

Developer version of PRTWIN costs $120 USD with unlimited deployment. PRTWIN may be accessed by applications developed and/or owned by the registered PRTWIN customer.





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