universal printing system for DOS programs

version 2.1.5


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Q: What is the simplest way to test PRTWIN?

A: Right click on the PRTWIN icon, select Print Test Page and then select Printer 1.

Q: How can I translate PRTWIN into my language?

A: Copy English.lng file into MyLanguage.lng file and translate all sentences into your language. Please send us this file and we will include it in the next version of PRTWIN.

Q: How to print in landscape format

A: The first line of report must include command sequence for Landscape format. Default command is <Esc>LAND, but you can change it in Prtwin.esc file.

Q: How to print pictures in PRTWIN

A: You should include a special command sequence <Esc>GRAF in your printout. The syntax for this command is



# - delimiter for the file name
file - full path of the BMP or WMF file
w - picture width (in characters)
h - picture hight (in lines)



(print picture c:\test\picture.wmf with dimension (4 lines, 20 characters) on the current position)

Q: PRTWIN does not recognize all of printer codes in my report and print them out. What to do?

A: You have to define unsupported escape codes in Prtwin.esc file. You can add up to 10 escape sequences with the names NO01, NO02 .. NO10. If PrtWin finds unsupported code in report, it ignores it.



added unsupported codes for supperscripts and substcripts

Q: How to install PRTWIN in Windows Terminal Services environment

A: You have to install PRTWIN on Windows Server; PRTWIN will detect whether the program runs in a Terminal Services client session and adequate change working directory with regard to HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH environment variables. HOMEPATH always specifies either the user's home directory or a default directory where the user will have all access. This directory must be different for each user (you can change it through the User Manager administrative tool).

Q: PRTWIN translates some of the printable characters into box-drawing characters. What to do?

A: PRTWIN translates DOS box-drawing characters with ASCII values from 179 to 218 into corresponded Windows box-drawing characters. You can disable translation any of these characters. Just put ASCII value of this character, preceding with '#' character into 'Untranslatable box-drawing characters' field in additional setup of selected printer.


Characters with ASCII values 181 and 214 are handled wrong in hungarian character set. Put following sequence in Untranslatable box-drawing characters field:


Q: What is RAW mode?

A: If your printing is slow - printing on the matrix printers for example - you could change the PRTWIN printing mode to RAW mode. When using the RAW mode, PRTWIN doesn't have to convert the data sent to the printer to metafile format. The programmer is responsible to send all the control codes (escape sequences) to properly format the output. Exactly the same as printing to an LPT port. To change the printing mode, just select RAW printing in additional Setup of the selected printer.





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