universal printing system for DOS programs

version 2.1.5


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PRTWIN is an Epson matrix printer emulator under Windows.

PRTWIN solves following problems:

You have a report designed for Epson control codes and you have to print it

- to Laserjet and Deskjet printers
- to Windows-only printers
- to USB or Network printers
- to the printers attached on Printer Server
- to the fax or PDF-print-to-file-drivers
- to RTF file
- to screen preview

There is no need to modify your program.

Just redirect your report to a text file in PRTWIN working directory and let PRTWIN to take care of it.

Additional features

- up to 9 different printers
- RAW printing
- box-drawing characters
- EURO character
- BMP or WMF pictures
- landscape format
- different font charset
- OEM to ANSI conversion of characters
- auto new page
- number of copies
- adjusting left an top margin of report
- history log
- multilanguage support

PRTWIN is distributed as shareware.

The unregistered version writes small copyright notice on bottom of each page. If print destination is RTF file program prints the first page only.

Trial period is limited to 30 days.





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